【Complete Guide for 2024】Plum Blossom Festivals in Aichi Prefecture: Highlights and Recommended Spots


In the “Complete Guide for 2024: Plum Blossom Festivals in Aichi Prefecture: Highlights and Recommended Spots,” we introduce the colorful plum festivals held in Aichi Prefecture.

With the arrival of spring, the Sobarikoike Plum Festival creates a fantastical scenery with plum blossoms reflecting on the water’s surface. At the Hirashiba Park Plum Festival, you can enjoy a picnic against the backdrop of plum blossoms in a spacious park.

And the Inazawa Plum Festival is loaded with local specialties and delicious foods related to plums. These festivals are perfect for experiencing the onset of spring and creating wonderful memories with family and friends.


Aichi Prefecture Plum Festival: Sobarikoike Plum Festival

The “Saboriike Plum Festival,” heralding the arrival of spring, is one of the most colorful festivals in Aichi Prefecture. Around Saboriike, there are approximately 6,000 plum trees, creating a stunning landscape filled with pink and white blossoms.

Especially on weekends, you can find lively stalls and workshops, making it perfect for enjoying with friends and family. During the festival, there is also a kimono and hakama costume rental event called “#Souridekimon,” adding to the festive atmosphere.

The picturesque view of the plum blossoms in full bloom is like something out of a storybook! It’s not only enjoyable to capture in photos but also an ideal event for creating lasting memories.

  • Event Duration: February 10th (Saturday), 2024 to March 10th (Sunday), 2024
  • Location: Around Sabori Green and Flower Contact Park
  • Parking: Space for 300 vehicles

From February 23rd to 25th, and on March 2nd and 3rd, the area will be illuminated from sunset until 8:00 PM. Additionally, the “Okada Town Walking Bus” will operate on February 24th, 25th, March 2nd, and 3rd.

“Location and Access”

  • [Car] Approximately 15 minutes from the Chita Peninsula Road “Agui” IC / Approximately 15 minutes from the Nishichita Industrial Road “Nagaura” IC
  • [Public Transportation] Chita Bus (Get off at “Ume no Kan-guchi” on the Saburi route) / Aiai Bus (Get off at “Ume no Kan” on the Hachimandai Chuo route)
  • [Address] 3-101 Saburidai, Chita City

How about spending a wonderful time at the Saburi Ike Ume Festival this spring?


Plum Blossom Festival in Aichi: Hirashiba Park Ume Festival

At the eagerly awaited Hirashiba Park Ume Festival in Aichi, as spring arrives, approximately 300 plum trees bloom with pastel-colored flowers.

The park looks as if it has been painted with colorful watercolors, making it an ideal place for taking photographs.

Wrapped in the sweet fragrance of plums, you can enjoy a picnic with friends and family or relax in nature.

On weekends, there are also fun events, and you can enjoy plum-themed sweets and crafting experiences.

  • Event Period: February 24 (Saturday) to March 10 (Sunday), 2024
  • Location: Hirashiba Park
  • Parking: 90 spaces

Location and Access

  • [By Car]
    Approximately 15 minutes from Chita Peninsula Road “Akuhi” IC.
    Approximately 15 minutes from Nishi Chita Industrial Road “Nagaura” IC.
  • [Public Transportation]
    Take the Chita Bus (Bound for Saburi, alight at “Ume-no-Yakata-guchi”).
    Take the Aiai Bus (Bound for Hachimandai Chuo, alight at “Ume-no-Yakata”).
  • [Address]
    3-101 Saburidai, Chita City, Aichi

Why not spend a leisurely day in HiraShiba Park this spring?


Aichi Prefecture Plum Festival: Inazawa Plum Festival.

Spring delight, the Inazawa Plum Festival is coming! In the Okuda Park of Inazawa City, Aichi Prefecture, approximately 700 plum trees bloom with flowers as spring arrives.

The park becomes filled with pink and white blossoms, resembling a world straight out of a picture book. Especially on weekends, there are concerts under the plum trees and numerous food stalls offering delicious treats.

Imagine listening to music while gazing up at the plum blossoms—it creates a truly special atmosphere, don’t you think? It’s the perfect place to enjoy the wonders of spring with friends and family.

  • Event Period: March 2nd (Saturday) – March 3rd (Sunday) 2024 / 09:30 – 16:00
  • Location: Aichi Greenery Center
  • Parking: 100 spaces

Location and Access

  • [By Car] Approximately 20 minutes from the Tomei Expressway “Toyota” Interchange
  • [Public Transportation] Approximately 10 minutes on foot from Meitetsu Umetsubo Station.
  • [Address] 6, Hirashiba-cho, Toyota City, Aichi.

Certainly, enjoy a spring day at the Inazawa Ume Festival!


Plum Blossom Festival in Aichi: Hidden Gem! Kanda’s Black Plum

Have you heard about the mysterious black plum tree in Kanda? This unique plum tree is located at Kanda Shrine in Aichi Prefecture. While typical plum blossoms are often pink or white, the black plum, as its name suggests, blooms flowers with a dark purplish hue.

Despite being described as dark purple, the appearance is more akin to a deep pink color of red plum blossoms. The trunk and branches of the tree are black, possibly contributing to its name. It is considered a rare sight, so those who get to see it may consider themselves lucky!

In spring, the area around this black plum tree combines the serene atmosphere of the shrine with the mysterious color of the blossoms, creating a somewhat mystical ambiance.

  • Blossoming Season: Late March 2024 (Note: Timing may vary depending on climate)
  • Location: Kanda Shrine
  • Parking: Not available

Location and Access

  • [Car] Approximately 40 minutes from Shin-Tomei Shinshiro IC via Route 151 and Route 257.
  • [Address] 5 Shin-Kata, Kanda, Seto-cho, Kitashitara-gun, Aichi

If you happen to visit Aichi Prefecture in spring, be sure to go and see the mysterious black plum blossoms at Kanda Shrine!


Plum Blossom Festivals in Aichi Prefecture: Summary

2024 marks the beginning of spring in Aichi Prefecture with the blossoming plum flowers! Various “Plum Blossom Festivals” are being held in different locations.

Firstly, there’s the “Saburi Ike Plum Festival.” Here, approximately 6,000 plum trees adorn the surroundings of the pond. On weekends, there are stalls where you can enjoy with friends and family.

Next is the “Hirashiba Park Plum Festival.” In this park with 300 plum trees, you can leisurely enjoy a picnic while feeling the arrival of spring.

At the “Inazawa Plum Festival,” around 700 plum trees paint Oda Park. Enjoy a day of spring with concerts and stalls.

And then, there’s the slightly unusual “Kanda’s Black Plum.” This rare plum tree at Kanda Shrine produces flowers in a dark purple shade. Seeing the flowers of such a mysterious color can make you feel quite special.

In spring, Aichi Prefecture has so many plum blossoms waiting for you. Why not venture out on a weekend with family or friends and embark on a journey to feel the arrival of spring?